A Picture after Arti.

I often go to the Temple. The reason of this is not just because I am a hindu, I thinks it’s just that over a period of time I realized that I really need a place. A place where I can sit and look over what I have done till date.

Ram temple, Bikaner, Rajasthan
Concrete public benches outside a temple.

When I was a child, temple was a place where I used to ask for things from God. After sometime I realized that I should rather sit and thank god for what I have.

I have been to many temples across India with different believes, story, architecture.

The ambience at any religious place created through singing of bhajans, qawwalis in Mosques, hymns or shabad kirtan in Gurudwaras and the aroma of the candles, Incense Sticks, it all rejuvenate our mind and refreshes us.


They give us some solace from the many nagging problems we face, at least for that much time.

To my personal experience and observations, I have been out of such problems that had no way to be out of it, when I had prayed with true devotions and strong hopes.